School enrolment and admission policies

All parents/guardians are advised to read the terms and conditions regarding admission to The Montessori School of Mallorca (the “School“) and the child’s continued enrolment as a student of the School, as set out below.

Admission Process and Criteria

  1. A parent/guardian intending to enroll his/her child to the School must submit the Admission Form online. The parent/guardian must inform the School of any changes to the information submitted. The School reserves the right and the parent hereby authorises the School to contact the previous school (if applicable and relevant) or such medical officers or other relevant persons for further information relating to the child in considering the child for admission.
  2. If your child is offered a place at the School, an Enrolment Fee of 900 Euros shall be payable in full to confirm a place for the Term and Academic year applied for. The Enrolment Fee shall be payable by transfer made payable to Earth Children School. On receipt of the Enrolment Fee, your child’s place is secured for the next academic year applied for.
  3. The Enrolment Fee covers an application for admission to the School for the Term and Academic Year applied for. The Enrolment Fee is non-transferable and non-refundable. The receipt of the Enrolment Fee by the School does not oblige the School to assess and/or admit the child. The School has the final decision.
  4. If there is no vacancy for the Year Group, Term and Academic Year applied for, the Enrolment Fee shall not be charged.
  5. A new Application Fee will be imposed if any of the following occurs:
    • A deferment of an application to a future Term/Academic year.
    • The Application is withdrawn by parents/guardian with or without an offer of a place
    • Parents/Guardian do not respond by a stipulated date to accept the offer.
  6. If an offer is declined by the parents/guardian in writing or by default, the Application will automatically be cancelled.

 Siblings and Sibling Discount

  1. The school has established a tuition discount for families with multiple siblings. The discount is applied to the second and subsequent siblings in the order of birth.
  • Second sibling: 7% of tuition
  • Third and subsequent sibling(s): 10% of tuition
  1. The Enrolment fee for siblings is also payable at a discounted rate of 720 Euro.
  2. All terms and conditions, as set out above and below as part of the School Enrolment and Admissions Policies, are applicable.

Enrolment and acceptance of a place

  1. The acceptance of the child is also at the absolute discretion of the School and in this regard, the School generally takes into consideration various factors, including the child’s age, educational background and the child’s behaviour.
  2. The admission of the child is at the absolute discretion of the School and the School is not obliged to offer any justification for the rejection of any application.
  3. On being offered a place, the parent/guardian shall pay the required school fees at the rate applicable for the term for which the place is offered within and no later than the stipulated deadline as stated on the offer. Please note that fees are normally reviewed on an annual basis and that the fees indicated on the current fee schedule may not be the fees applicable for subsequent terms. For the avoidance of doubt, the School reserves the right to revise the fee payable.
  4. The School reserves the right to place the child in a class which the School Director deems developmentally suitable to the child’s needs at any time and from time to time whilst the child is enrolled at the School. This may include requiring the child to repeat one or more academic year(s).

Fees Payment

  1. Fees for subsequent terms are payable in advance, to be paid on or before the commencement of each term. Monthly fees are payable in cash or by transfer at the beginning of each month.
  2. The Parent/guardian undertakes to pay, or arrange payment of all the Fees applicable in each term or month directly to the School.

Reservation fee and withdrawal process

  1. If parents wish that their child or children continue their Montessori education in our school, a place reservation fee of 275€ will be charged in April of the current school year. This fee guarantees the child a place in the subsequent school year.
  2.  A parent/guardian may withdraw the child from the School by giving to the School ONE (1) full academic term’s notice. For avoidance of doubt, please note that the notice of withdrawal must be ONE (1) FULL ACADEMIC TERM to be considered sufficient notice. If it is intended that the child will leave the School during or at the end of an academic term, notice of withdrawal must be received by the School not later than the first day of the same academic term, failing which the full term’s fees are payable. The charge of a full academic term’s Fees represent a genuine reflection of the School’s loss in these circumstances, and sometimes the actual loss to the School will be much greater. This rule is necessary to promote stability and the School’s ability to plan its staffing and other resources.All additional fees paid shall under no circumstances be treated as payment of tuition fees or any part thereof or any other payments required to be paid and may not be used to set-off any amount due and payable by the parent/guardian.Where a child has been withdrawn from the School and applies for re-admission, no registration fee will be payable if the child is re-admitted (subject to availability of a place) within three (3) academic terms from the date the child left the School. The Enrolment Fee, Re-Entry fee and other fees payable, all at the then prevailing rate, are required to be paid prior to such re-admission and the whole application process.