Montessori Cosmic and Language Studies

The Montessori Cosmic and Language Studies

Deepen your knowledge of Montessori

25-28 October 2018, 17-20 January 2019, 11-14 April 2019

According to Montessori, the key to the formation of the entire personality lies in the growing independence. Montessori (1948) describes this in her cosmic vision:

Everything in the universe is interconnected in a harmonious order. The task of humans is to achieve peace and maintain the balance of nature.

In the Montessori Cosmic and Language studies you deepen your knowledge of the Montessori anthropology, cosmic education as a way to unite all human beings. You will learn about history, biology and geography, and to present the world to children, as a complete set.


The content

  • the start of cosmic education
  • the importance of story telling
  • the great story’s:
  • the story of the universe (modern way)
  • the story of the earth
  • the story of the language
  • the story of the numbers
  • your own story
  • the use of imagination
  • the planes of development in relation to cosmic education
  • the cosmic lesson
  • cosmic education in relation to brain development
  • language material.
  • Cosmic education as a way to peace

cosmic education, the start, the didactic part

working with cosmic materials, materials for children 3 – 6 , 6 – 9, 9 – 12.

Classroom suggestions for work after the great story’s, subjects:

  • The universe: stars and planets
  • Geology
  • The globe
  • Animals and plants
  • The first humans

How to design a cosmic theme for your own group: lessons, variations and work for the children.

The table of attendance

The period plan: line of the child and line of the teacher

Relation with Montessori materials


An assignment is part of the study. You will cause one complete cosmic theme. There is a strong relation between the theory and the practice

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