Montessori Young Child Studies

Montessori Young Child Studies

Zero to six years

25-28 October 2018, 17-20 January 2019, 11-14 April 2019

In the Montessori Young Child Studies you focus on the age of 0-6 years. You learn all about the Montessori vision of the young child, the child as a builder of humanity. This study is both an elaborate Montessori training and a more personal tailor-made approach of studying the Montessori theory and classroom practice.

In order to influence society, we must concentrate on youth. It is the smallest who shape humanity (Montessori, 1949).

Each meeting will include the following areas:

  • Theory
  • Lecture
  • Intervision
  • Transfer of theory to practice.
  • Practice with Materials
  • Explanation of the assignment


  • Montessori Education, the pedagogical, didactical and anthropological background
  • The absorbent mind
  • The life of Maria Montessori
  • The role of the teacher
  • The development of  independence
  • Motoric development: the hand and the feet
  • Language development
  • Rules and routines
  • Normalization
  • The planes of development.
  • Observation, registration
  • Prepared environment, inner and outer space


  • sensorial material
  • mathematical material
  • motoric
  • language material
  • practical life material
  • material for biology, geography.

Personal development by blended learning.

Assignments are part of the study, they have a theoretical, a practical and a reflective component.  You work in a teach of 3 – 4 participants. In between the study times you have four contact sessions with your personal coach. These sessions can be organized by mail contact or by Skype.

Enrolment opens soon.