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We hope you and your children are as excited as we are after the successful first week of tutoring and support. We have seen a lot of smiling faces of children, parents and teachers. Welcome back!

Groups for week 2

As we mentioned last week, we are switching morning and afternoon shifts for week 2. However, we still ensure that siblings are coming to and leaving school together.

Drop off and pick up on Wednesday!

Construction of our Secondary building is moving ahead quickly: On Wednesday, we will poor concrete on the building site and will have big trucks coming and leaving the parking area during the whole day.

This is why we need to reorganise drop off and pick up of our students for Wednesday. Please drop them on Wednesday only at the side entrance of the school. Children will then walk to the side gate where Maria, our operations assistant, will spray their shoes and have them clean their hands. Lead teachers and assistants will be waiting for them there.

Time table for pick up and drop off on Wednesday ONLY

Transition for changing cycles

As mentioned before, we would like to inform you how we will organise a smooth transition for every child that changes cycle in September. We invite parents of transitioning children to join us for an online meeting next Thursday, June 18th. The meetings will take place as follows:

  • 17h00 – Casa to Lower Primary
  • 17h35 – Lower Primary to Upper Primary
  • 18h15 – Upper Primary to Secondary school

You will find the link to the meetings as usual on the Online Calendar atágina-principal under “Montse”.

Weekly letter from your teachers

To find out what has been happening during this week in our classrooms and our plans for next week, check out the letters from our three classes:

Summer Camp: June 29 – July 10

To allow our teachers a few days of well deserved break, the Summer Camp will now take place from the 29th of June to the 10th of July from 9am to 12.30pm.

We were glad to see that a majority of our children will join us for the Summer Camp as well. In case you have not yet registered your child and would like to do so, please use the following link:

Goodbye Lyndall & Melissa…

The time has come to say goodbye to Lyndall after three years leading the Lower Primary classroom. We knew the day would come when she and Sergio would be leaving Mallorca and our school, specially since she got married last year. It is a sad day for us, but also a happy one when we look back and see how she brought out the best in our pupils, motivating and inspiring them throughout their journeys. As a mother and director, let me say what she taught our kids so well (in capital letters and without spelling mistakes ;-)): THANK YOU! Thank you for giving your heart and soul to these little people and the school. We will miss you very much!

Melissa Meidel, Assistant in our Lower Primary classroom

…. Hello Jenna!

We welcome Jenna Laffin as our new Lead teacher in Lower Primary!

Jenna joins us from Great River Montessori in St. Paul, USA, where she worked as the lead teacher for a Lower Primary class since 2018. Prior to that, she was the Lower Primary assistant at the AMI-certified Sunny Hollow Montessori in Minnesota for two years. Further, Jenna worked for four years as English Teacher in a public school in Madrid and in Cadíz, Spain. She was also a Literacy Specialist in the Obama Service Learning Elementary, creating individualised literacy interventions for students from 5 to 8 years.

Jenna holds an AMI Elementary Diploma from the Montessori Training Centre in St. Paul, USA, and a Master in Education degree from the St. Catherine University. She also holds a B.A. English cum Laude with High Honors from Dartmouth College, Hanover, USA.

Janna has a deep respect for and insight into each child’s individual personality and talents and give them ways to express their unique viewpoints. Creativity, humour, and wonder have always been at the core of her teaching style.

Jenna is native in English and fluent in Spanish.

We are currently recruiting a classroom assistant for Lower Primary and will keep you updated.

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