The Four Planes of Development is Dr. Maria Montessori’s theory, based on her observation, on the developmental stages the human being goes through during the first twenty four years of life. These developmental periods or level have distinct developmental tasks and ideal conditions for learning. Her theory was that these stages are holistic and include physical, emotional, social, intellectual, moral and spiritual development of the whole person. While each individual will pass through these planes in their own unique way, and at different rates, it is important that the help given is complementary to the developmental needs of each stage.

  • In the first plane of development from birth to six years, children are sensorial explorers absorbing every aspect of their environment
  • In the second plane of development from six to twelve years, children are exploring their world through abstraction and imagination. They use their knowledge to discover and expand their world.
  • In the third plane of development from twelve to eighteen years, they are interested in understanding themselves and their place in the society. They look for an opportunity to contribute to the society.
  • In the fourth plane from eighteen to twenty four years, as young adults, they are preparing to take command of their own lives.

If you want to know more, check out the presentation of our school’s staff from 2016.

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