Request for tutoring and support

As per government guidelines, this requires a request by parents for tutoring and support. If you wish that your child is joining us again on Monday, please fill out the electronic request form below. Please do so latest by tomorrow Sunday morning, 12 pm. This will allow us to finalise the groups and turns:

We can only accept your child back to the school on Monday if you have sent us this request.

As already mentioned, we will have two turns, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. To allow for a fair distribution of time, the morning group and the afternoon group will switch during the second week of re-opening.

School policy for tutoring and support

Before filling out the request form, please carefully read our new ‘Policy for Partial Re-opening of The Montessori School of Mallorca for tutoring and support, Phase 3”. You find it in the previous post and again here:

Social distancing

We will ensure, to the extent possible, that safety distance measures as outlined in our policy are complied with. However, especially for our younger students, this may not always be feasible in all situations. In such cases, the teachers will make a judgement to balance safety requirements with the well-being of the children on a case by case basis, even if this may imply that social distancing measures cannot be fully complied with. By sending us a request for tutoring and support, you expressly agree with our approach.

Drop off and pick up

Drop off: Parents must drop their children in designated areas for Casa, Lower and Upper Primary in the parking area of the school. Staff members will receive students in the designated areas and accompany them in groups to the side entrance of the school. Before entering the school premises, each student will be given disinfecting gel. Staff will spray the shoes of each student with a disinfecting liquid.

Pick up: Before leaving the school premises, each student will wash hands thoroughly and change into their outdoor shoes. Staff members will accompany students to the designated areas in the parking lot of the school, where they will be picked up by their parents.

Practical matters

All children will need to bring a piece of fruit, a pencil case with a pen, a few colour pencils, a mask and gloves. They will not share personal materials. In the event that classroom materials are used, they will be disinfected in designated areas in the classroom after each use. 

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