Dear families, I am want to share a key decision I have taken in view of the current situation.

Reduced school fee

Considering that The Montessori School of Mallorca is now providing online education and with the school premises closed, our operational expenses have decreased. We think it is only fair to reduce school fees for the duration of the State of Alarm and offer you a 25% reduction on school tuition fees. We realise that this discount may not offer a substantial release on the financial pressure that many of our families are facing, but the school needs to continue to fulfil its financial commitments.

How does the reduction work?

This measure will take effect tomorrow, April 1st and will apply for the entire duration of the mandatory school lock down. For families that make monthly payments, the reduction is applied immediately starting with the monthly fees for April. For those of you that pay termly or annually, we will deduct the reduction from your first payment for the  academic year 2020/2021. These reductions are applicable if fee payments are made in time.

E-Easter Camp

Following the wide acceptance of our online programme, the whole team agreed that our children would benefit from a fun, Easter theme-based activity camp for the coming two weeks. We believe that continuing with a daily routine of online interactions can be helpful for the children and you, the parents. That is why we offer the E-Easter Camp during the school holidays from  April 6th to April 17th. The camp is of course optional and free for our students. We will let you know the details soon in a separate email.

with warm regards,


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