The whole team of the Montessori School of Mallorca has now finalised an exciting programme for the Summer Camp. During the two weeks, we will explore arts, crafts, music and games from different continents. And of course we will use the school’s pool and practice mindfulness.

Summer camp programme

You can find the full programme for the Summer Camp here:

Birthdays bash and beach

On Monday, we will start the Summer Camp by celebrating the fifth birthday of the school and all birthdays of children that could not celebrate together with their classmates because of the lockdown. To properly celebrate this occasion, we will have a five-floor cake and a big party! Wait until to see the pictures ;-). and on Tuesday, we will enjoy a fun day at the ‘beach’.

A trip around the world

From Wednesday onward, we will take a trip around the world. Each day, we will visit a different continent, and experience its culture through games, music, arts, crafts, and sculptures.

Dressing up

The children can dress if they want according to the day’s topic.

Practical matters

  • Groups: Children from Lower Primary and Casa will be split into two groups. Upper Primary children will form one group. The groups will take part in all planned activities and rotate throughout the day.
  • Drop-off and pick-up: Children must be dropped off and picked up from the school’s car park.
  • What to bring: All children must bring a water bottle, a sun hat/cap (please apply sun-lotion before leaving home), swim kit, towel, flip flops, a piece of fruit, and a change of clothes (for Casa children). 
  • Keeping safe: We will organise the Summer Camp in small groups of maximum fifteen children, even though the new regulations allow for groups of up to thirty kids. The children will spend most of their time outdoors. The rest of the safety measures are the same as during the past two weeks of tutoring and support.

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