¡Hola!  Hello, we are James and Lucy and are very much looking forward to meeting you in September.  We have put together some resources for you to look at and work on over the summer holidays and have tried to include interesting news articles along with some maths and language practice. 

There are four topics that we suggest you cover:

  • Covid Capsula de tiempo (English or Spanish, depending on language ability, please see Covid Time capsule documents)
  • Current affairs (English/Spanish: grammar links at the end of document)
  • Maths
  • Wellbeing

You find the related materials (Covid time capsule, maths sheets) at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DE65KXfJiN9OadZCHmucHaHZdgDoPMoB

Please don’t feel that you need to complete it all but this is something that you can dip into when you feel like doing some school work.  For this reason, the planning is split into three, three week cycles, with a week break at the end! To stress again, this does not have to be completed entirely. It also includes a Covid-time capsule.

You can choose whether to do this in English or Spanish, or even a mix of both (depending on your ability in the given language).  Different pages are allocated for different weeks.

We will meet in September and are very excited to get to know you all. 

Best wishes Lucy and James

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