Location of Secondary school building together with Casa, office and Upper Primary - - international Montessori School of Mallorca
Extension of the school buildings planned for summer 2020, including a dedicated building for secondary education, an enlarged Upper Primary classroom and a new office building.

Back to School

As we are entering Phase one of the de-escalation, we have started to work on our Back to School approach.
With the information we have to date, we believe we will only be able to accept children back in the classrooms that comply with the criteria set by the government for the education sector:

  • For children in Casa, both parents need to justify that they need to work away from home.
  • For Lower and Upper Primary, children who are considered ‘vulnerable’ according to the government criteria can return to school. Pending further clarification by the authorities, we consider ‘vulnerable’ children in our context as those kids that need extra support to follow normal learning in class.

We are still seeking more clarity from the education authorities regarding the children that may or may not be able to attend school in the coming weeks. As soon as this information is made available to us we will share with all our Montessori families.

Parents survey

To better prepare for a partial opening of the school, we require additional information on your situation and preferences. That is why we kindly ask all parents to fill out a brief questionnaire about the reopening of the school within the current school year. You can find the survey here:

Learning Journey Portfolio

As the end of the school year approaches, we would like to assess the progress of our children in addition to online interactions. Therefore, we kindly request you and your children to prepare a ‘Montessori at Home’ Learning Journey Portfolio with samples of their work. The portfolio is meant to be a record of your child’s work during this unusual time.

However, this should not increase stress for parents and children. We fully understand that during these challenging times, each family has tried the best to cope with the lockdown. If you do not have all samples, just mention it so teachers can make a note for future support to the children.

You will find the information and guidelines on the Learning Journey Portfolio in the folder “Learning Portfolios” in the link for the E-learning material below. Please hand in the portfolio at the school’s office between May 18th – 29th.

E-learning schedule and materials / week 7

Last but not least, we want to share with you the link for the weekly schedule for week 7, the letters from each lead teacher and work plans for the week ahead.

As before, you can access the online calendar with all lessons here. The calendar contains Meet links for each lesson.

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