Dear families, 

We are about to start our fifth week of E-learning. The good news is, as you will know, that our children are finally allowed to go for a walk and play outside! A return to regular schooling is at least on the horizon.

We will share separately a story to help children leave the house after all these weeks of quarantine. It is a useful document that can help those kids that are anxious about stepping outside the safety of their homes into what they may perceive now as a hostile environment. 

Friday, May 1st is Labour Day. This is a national holiday and we will not have any lessons. Otherwise, the number of lessons per day and per class remains the same.

We have received very positive feedback about the sessions with our school psychologist. The sessions serve as a forum for sharing and getting advice on how to cope with the pandemic. We continue to offer these sessions with Victoria for each class once per week.

Here is our E-learning schedule for week 5:

You can find the materials, letters from your teachers and work plans for the week using the link below. To simplify the information flow, we will not send a separate email with guidelines and work plans for each class. You find all the documentation here:

If you have difficulties, you can access the materials directly using this link:

As before, you can access the online calendar with all lessons here. The calendar contains Meet links for each lesson.

We have realised that for some children, our weekly schedule is too dense in the current circumstances. Our prime objective during the lockdown is that the children are as stress free and happy as possible. That is why, as a minimum, we expect our children only to attend lessons for core subjects, that is English, Maths and Spanish. They can choose and decide if they want to attend other lessons that are offered.

Looking forward to another week of good work!

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