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As before, you can access the online calendar with all lessons here. The calendar contains Meet links for each lesson.

Dear parents,

We are about to start our sixth week of E-learning. As we enter the different stages of the government’s de-escalation plan, we are looking very much forward to re-opening the school again and meet up in person with all of you!

Current situation

As you will know, the Spanish government has decided that full normalization of schools at all levels is envisioned for September. However, a few exceptions apply: In phase 2 of the Lockdown Exit Strategy, schools can offer special assistance for vulnerable children. Phase 2 also allows schools to provide childcare for under six-year olds whose parents can prove that both work in jobs that do not allow for home office. Phase 2 may begin on May 25 in the provinces that meet the public health requirements. After talking to our inspector for education again this week, however, we need to wait for official guidance to be published in the Boletín Oficial del Estado to determine our next steps.

Our school opens in Phase 2

As soon as legally possible, we aim at opening our doors again. Currently, this means opening the school to provide childcare for under six-year olds whose parents cannot work from home. In the case of Primary, it remains unclear if our school has children that fulfil the government’s criteria of ‘vulnerable’ children. If we did, this would allow us to invite some children in our Primary classes back to school. In the meantime, we need to wait for the government to develop the precise criteria for what constitutes ‘vulnerable’ children. Our current plan is to open selectively on May 25th, and we will keep updating you on any new developments.

School psychologist

We continue to offer free online sessions with the school’s psychologist. This week, we offer themed sessions for each classroom: School motivation in pre-teens for Upper Primary, Mindfulness for children for Lower Primary, and Responding to Problem Behaviour for Casa. We are looking forward to seeing you in these sessions.

Extended deadline for Early Birds

Following a request by some parents, we are extending the deadline for our Early Bird annual payment for 2020/2021 from May 1st to June 1st. You find details

Fee adjustment for Casa

After evaluating our online education for Casa (3-6 years), it has become clear that our youngest children experience more challenges than Primary pupils in following lessons on a screen. This is true especially in a Casa Montessori environment, where the emphasis is on sensorial needs to feel, smell, lift and hear.  That is why for May and June, we offer Casa parents a 40% discount on the monthly fees.

For families that make monthly payments, the reduction is applied immediately starting with the monthly fees for May. For those of you that pay termly or annually, we will deduct the reduction from your first payment for the  academic year 2020/2021. Again, these reductions are applicable if fee payments are made in time.

Free after-school activities

As a sign of appreciation for all parents that have supported the school in these difficult times, we will offer one free after-school activity for each child for the first term of 2020/2021. For more details on our after-school activities see

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