Every day, our children can dress differently: We have a Crazy Hair Day, a Pyjama Day, a Dress Up as your Mum and Dad Day, a Rainbow Day, a Mask Day, a Bring your Animal Day, a Backwards Day, a Face Paint Day, a Spots and Stripes Day and a Silly Hat Day.

This is of course an optional programme; all children can join if they wish.

You can access the sessions as usual through the calendar at https://sites.google.com/montessorimallorca.org/week12/página-principal.

Generally, you don’t need to download any material for the E-Easter Camp sessions. Only for Art in Lower and Upper Primary, please look at the materials at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JQXCcmyFDfeLC1SXj9Vw0f4ILsYB7T3Y?usp=sharing.

In this folder, you also find a lot resources for continued learning for Casa and Upper Primary that our teaches have kindly put together. For Lower Primary, we suggest you look at the resources for week 3.

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