Dear parents,
We are excited to let you know that last week, our school infrastructure development plan has been approved by the Balearic education authorities.

In line with the approved plan, we will continue to develop our school and its buildings in four phases:

PHASE 1: As you know, we have already started extending the windmill building, the heart of our school. During this phase, we are enlarging the Art and Music classroom for our students. We also include a proper office space and reception area, and an area for teachers. To become more environmentally friendly, we build these extensions in wood. Contracts for this work have already been signed, and we aim at completing the building work by April 2022.

PHASE 2: We will add an additional floor to our Secondary building. The entire ground floor will become a library and community room, while the first and second floors will house the classes for our Secondary students. We will also include two offices for our teaching coordinators. Building work is planned to already start in summer 2022.

PHASE 3: We will construct a purpose-built classroom for Upper Primary in the area of the Lower Primary classroom. This is planned for summer 2023.

PHASE 4: Finally, we will bring back in summer 2024 the swimming pool in the entrance area where the temporary classrooms are currently placed.

We will invite interested parents to a meeting with our architects before the mid-term break on a date to be announced.

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