The first day of school is approaching fast! We are very excited to welcome you all again next Monday, September 7th. Below you find some detailed information about the first three weeks of schooling in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Welcome to our new children!

Over the past months, we have seen a growing interest in our school. While we couldn’t accept all applications, we have a number of new children joining us next Monday. A warm welcome to all new students and their parents who are joining The Montessori School of Mallorca this year.

This is also a special year for our school, since we have started our Secondary education programme. Nearly 15 students have enrolled in our first Secondary class. Welcome to you as well!

Transition plan

Illustration of time table for wee 1

Due to COVID-19 regulations, we have adjusted the plan for the transition phase at the start of the 1st term. For a smooth transition from the summer vacations, school hours are reduced during the first few days, and gradually increase. For our children in Casa – and especially our children of three years of age – we provide a particularly graduate transition to regular school hours. In week three, we apply regular school hours for all students. For details, download the Timetable below.


Please drop your child off at the main school gate in the carpark. Children of Lower Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary will walk to their classroom. For children in Casa, please drop you child in the designated ‘bubble zone’ in the car park. One of Casa’s lead teachers, Catherine or Maddy, will pick up your child and lead her/him to their class. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, parents are not permitted on the school grounds during drop off or pick up.The gate of the carpark will be open from 08:40 – 09:00am.


In the afternoon, our staff members will lead the children to their classroom ‘bubble zone’ in the carpark. Please collect your child from their zone. You will find that we have staggered the timing for pick-up to avoid large groups.

Please download and carefully look at the timetable below, since it contains important information about when to drop off and pick up your child.

COVID-19 contingency plan

Given the current situation, we have put together a comprehensive contingency plan for COVID-19. The plan describes the prevention, protection and hygiene measures at our school and organisational planning and logistics. It also describes our curricular planning with different scenarios for Casa, Primary and Secondary education.

We are required by the local health authorities for all parents to sign two documents: an Authorisation for PCR Testing (which is optional) as well as a Declaration of Responsibility. We are currently preparing these documents, will share them with you and have them ready for parents to sign during the first week of school.

Classroom welcome meetings

As we are unable to offer whole class welcome meetings this year, we request that each family books a slot to meet with their child’s class teaching team. We will share with you in a separate email the available time slots.

Update on Lower Primary

Jenna’s working visa for Spain has been approved on Tuesday. We are now waiting for the Spanish authorities to issue the visa. This process may take from a couple of days to a week or longer. We are currently lobbying with the US Senators’ office in Jenna’s district to speed up the process as much as possible. Jenna has been working remotely with Karen and Ancsa to set up the classroom and prepare a programme for first days of school in the event that her arrival is delayed. This includes a contingency plan for Jenna to deliver online lessons as a stopgap measure.

Update on Secondary

As you know, the Secondary construction is delayed due to a COVID-19 outbreak among our builders. Now, the construction has advanced considerably. However, we will not be able to move in yet. Our current estimation is that the building will be ready by late September. In the meantime, we have rented a temporary classroom that will be delivered to us on Monday.

On the first day of school, our Secondary students will be introduced to the teaching team and the Secondary programme.This will include a visit to the municipality sports premises, where they will be given a briefing on the sports programme for this term. We will have a release form for Secondary parents to sign on Monday.

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