Child on the floor doing work with Montessori materials

We hope you all had a great and relaxing summer! All our staff is back today in the school, preparing for the upcoming academic year.

Currently, we are still awaiting the regional government’s guidance how the first weeks of the new school year will unfold due to COVID-19. You may recall that back in July, we shared with you our plans for the first quarter of the school year 2020/21. Due to the special circumstances related to the COVID-19, we have introduced three different plans.

Plan “A”

This applies if schools open fully in September, without any major restrictions by the government.

For those students who move from Casa to Lower Primary, Lower Primary to Upper Primary, or Upper Primary to Secondary, we have put together specific transition phases for September 2020. For details, see our earlier posts.

Plan “B”

This applies if government regulations force us to use a hybrid Montessori approach. This may imply forming smaller groups (‘bubbles’) and/or partially using a remote learning approach as per government guidance. However, as you know, our school has plenty of indoor and outdoor places and enough rooms for all children to attend school.

We are currently elaborating the details of this plan once we receive clearer guidance by the Education authorities of the Balearic islands.

Plan “C”

This applies if the government at some point stipulates a complete lockdown in our zone. In this case, we have to return to remote learning using an online platform. While we do not wish for that, we are currently working as well on the details of such a further improved education modality.

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