1. Explore Montessori & Cambridge International

A positive experience for the child requires that the parents and school share a common view of the purpose of education. Parents are expected to have at least a basic understanding of the Montessori educational approach. A good place to start exploring Montessori is  What is Montessori or the overview at the Montessori Society AMI UK. For our Secondary programme, look at the International GCSEs we offer from Cambridge International.

If you think our school may be a good fit for your child, watch the video above. For our Secondary programme, please read our Parents’ Guide to the IGCSEs.


2. Register with us

To know if there are places in the age cohort of your child(ren), it is helpful if you register with us. We will then respond by email within 1-2 working days if places are available. You can register at any time, but it may be helpful to wait until you have seen the premises and talked to us during an Open Day.



3. Come to an Open Day

Join us on one of our Open Days throughout the year, usually in autumn and early spring. Check out the announcements on our website for the latest updates on Open Days.


4. Enrolment phase


  • In cases where we have places available, we will contact you to set up an individual visit to the school, followed by an interview with our management team.
  • For children who will be three years old when they start school, we conduct application interviews and offer places from November of the previous academic year.
  • For older children: In February each year, we start the re-enrolment process for students already enrolled at our school. From February 20th on, we start getting in touch with children who have applied and may have a place in our school.

The school is also running a waiting list for those children we cannot accept at the moment.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].


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