A Montessori approach to achieve the goals of the national curriculum of England.

Montessori and English curriculum

The Montessori School of Mallorca follows a Montessori curriculum and is set up as a British school in Spain. Similar to the over 700 Montessori schools in the United Kingdom, our school fulfils the requirements of British education authorities while providing a high-quality Montessori education to achieve the educational goals of the national curriculum for England. The curriculum is designed to help children reach their fullest potential at their own pace. We implement a 100% Montessori approach to teaching in our classes from 3 to 12 years. In Secondary education, we follow the English National Curriculum with Montessori and other elements.

Cambridge International

Our school offers the International GCSE by Cambridge Assessment International Education for our students from 14 to 16 years. The certificate is part of the University of Cambridge, with a 150-year history of providing international examinations. Offering an international GSCE to our students allows us to continue with the Montessori School of Mallorca’s open and strongly international perspective.

An education in English

As a British school in Spain, English is the language of teaching at our school, providing your child with full immersion. Spanish, Catalan and German are the languages currently tought at the school and languages of communication. The school is confession-free but respects all religions and beliefs.

Mixed age groups

Mixing children of different ages is a core principle of a Montessori education. Young children learn by observing others as models; older children act as role models and (sometimes) teachers of younger children. That is why, in The Montessori School of Mallorca, there are classes with mixed age groups:

  • one class for children aged three to five years (Children’s House)
  • one class for children aged five to seven years (Lower Primary)
  • one class for children aged seven to nine years (Middle Primary)
  • one class for children aged nine to eleven years (Upper Primary)
  • five Secondary classes for students aged eleven to sixteen (Secondary)

To ensure a sufficiently diverse class experience in Casa and Primary, each class will ideally have around 28 to 30 children in Casa and Primary. Each class is guided by one or two Montessori guides with Montessori qualifications together with an assistant. Please find out more about our great team of dedicated teachers.

There are five classes for Secondary education for children aged eleven to sixteen yearsClass sizes for secondary education are limited to around 15-20 children per class. Students are taught by Secondary specialists in English Language, Literature in English, Mathematics, Science, Music, Art & Design, Spanish, Catalan, German, Global Perspectives, History, Drama, and Business Studies.

Work cycle

Here is an example how a  typical three-hour work cycle in a Montessori school can look like for your child:

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